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How It Works

Advertorial.in is a sustainable marketing strategy helping small and medium business to generate leads for their products and services via Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social media channels such as You Tube, Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Please Release (PR). It helps get a stream of traffic to your web site and convert them to customers.

How it works:
Step1: Join our program
Join our program by paying a onetime small fee to managing this service.

Step 2: Article Writing
Our SEO team will review your product or service and do keyword research based upon what your target audience is searching in the search engine to find your product or service. After identifying search keywords/phrase our SEO content writer shall write an SEO friendly article keeping your product or service in mind.

Step 3: Approval & Publishing
The article shall be shared with you for review and approval. Necessary changes will be made, if required.
Once the article is approved, our Web developer will create a professional looking page on Advertorial.in for you including your product’s photographs, logo, banners etc. to expose your product and service.

Step 4: Search Engine Indexing and Social Media Release
The above page shall be indexed in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, and your products/service page shall be promoted on many Social media channels i.e. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram etc. as well. Normally, It takes 4-6 weeks to complete indexing in the search engine.

Step 5: Generate Leads for your business
Your product/service landing page shall generate leads from different sources and give exposure to your products and services, and funnel this traffic to your site. Thus, you may convert these potential customers to real customers.

Your products and services page on Advertorial.in shall generate a steady stream of potential customers for your site on a regular basis without breaking your wallet to promote your product or service.

Note: This is not a paid ad or pay per click program where you have to pay and get clicks. This is an organic method to generate leads for your products and services that need some patience to get results.
Get your money back within 90 days if you are not satisfied with the program.

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