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The Fabric Of Our Lives – Cotton Fabric

Cotton fabrics is comfortable, soft, durable and can be thick or sheer rough or silky, smooth or textured; which is mostly used in making products or apparels for home furnishings and clothing etc. It has many qualities as it is soft, versatile, absorbs moisture, comfortable, breathes better, durable and so on. There are many types of cotton fabric available in the market, some of them as:

Broadcloth Fabric – A firmly woven glossy cotton cloth fabric with fine entrenched crosswise ribs. It is just like poplin. This fabric is used for formal shirts, blouses and in home decor.

Broadcloth FabricSource: http://propercloth.com/broadcloth-fabric

Denim Fabric – Denim fabric is rugged, durable which comes in blue, white, red, black color. This fabric is mainly used in slipcovers, curtains, jeans and bed sheets.

Denim FabricSource: http://www.exportersindia.com/denim-fabric

Twill Fabric – It is a durable fabric with crosswise lines on its texture and patterns which is used in pants, shirts, shorts etc.

Twill FabricSource: http://www.texclothagencies.com/twill-fabric

Oxford Fabric – Oxford Fabric is made with a tailored plain or basket weaves which produce semi formal shirts can be worn with a suit and a tie.

Oxford FabricSource: http://theleonardadlerco.com/oxford-fabric

Poplin Fabric – It is just like oxford fabric with a fine horizontal rib effect on the pattern and high thread count is used in casual shirts and especially in high quality shirts.

Poplin FabricSource: http://propercloth.com/poplin-fabric

Knit Fabric – This fabric has more elasticity, stretchable and flexibility than any other fabric which is mainly used for making in undergarments, sports wear, t – shirts etc.

Knit FabricSource: http://www.threadsmagazine.com/knit-fabric

Blended Fabric – It is made form synthetic fabric such as Lycra to reduce the weight and production of cotton products. This type of fabric is not suitable for hot and humid weathers.

Blended FabricSource: http://www.designersandyou.com/blended-fabric

Percale Fabric – In this type of fabric the thread is minimum with a 180 threads per square inch, it is used in clothing and bed sheets.

Percale FabricSource: https://www.etsy.com/percale-fabric

Benefits of Cotton Fabric

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