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15 Outstanding Bridal Mehndi Designs For Your Wedding Day

The Mehndi night is an important pre-wedding event for an Asian bride. The bride has a motley group of friends, relatives and family for a memorable evening. When a young girl fantasizes of her prince charming, she also dreams of wearing the most stunning bridal ensemble and gorgeous mehndi design on her hands and feet. The feeling of getting married sets in on the mehndi night when the mehndi artist works on intricate designs. She asks for the groom’s initials and then deftly she embeds his name in the leitmotif. The feelings sink in, the girl who is blossoming into a woman and shall leave her maternal home as a wife.

Bridal Mehandi DesignsSource: http://www.abestfashion.com

Knowing the importance of this pre-wedding event, there are different kinds of bridal mehndi designs. The 5000 year old Indian tradition has evolved from a simple large dot of mehndi paste in the middle of the palms to elaborate mehndi designs for hands and feet. Today the designs also include glitter adding to the deep hues of the cool art work.   Auspicious mango leaves, scenes of a wedding procession, checks, creepers, peacock, fish, doli, all are woven on the live human canvas, drawing appreciation for days after it has been applied.

New brides draw inspiration from traditional Indian mehndi designs, Pakistani mehndi designs and Arabic mehndi designs that have adorned generations. While the tradition continues, its modern avatar has added glitter too. Young girls like to wear similar patterns that celebrities have done for their weddings. Expert mehndi professionals are flown overseas for many weddings

1. The Raja And Rani:

It is one of the common motifs in Dulhan mehndi designs where a king and a queen is crafted from the ancient era. It is complimented with various forms of designs depending upon the artist.

Raja And RaniSource: www.pinterest.com/blank-fingertips

2. The Peacock Design:

Peacocks have been a part of Indian culture since time immemorial and their presence is clearly seen in many Indian art forms. Mehndi also has been an inseparable part of our culture and has developed a lot over the years.

Peacock Mehandi DesignSource: http://www.abestfashion.com/peacock-mehandi-design

3. Colored Mehendi Design:

Colored Mehndi Design or shimmer mehndi is very popular mehndi designs which ladies wear to jazz up any occasion.

Colored Mehendi DesignSource: http://www.metromela.com/colored-mehendi-design

4. The Chequered Pattern:

The chequered pattern is a great way to make your mehndi pop and is used vastly to give a break to intricate designs. The chequered pattern can also be cleverly used to fill up any gaps.

The Chequered PatternSource: http://indiaopines.com/the-chequered-pattern

5. Blank Fingertips:

Arabic mehndi styles often left the fingertips blank, in order to simplify the designs’ complexity and add a unique, fingerless glove effect. This look is best for elaborate manicures or colorful painted nails, since they will be showcased with blank fingertips.

Blank FingertipsSource: http://cdn2.stylecraze.com/blank-fingertips

6. Glittery Mehndi Design:

Colorful glitters are always fun. This mehndi is outlined randomly with emerald glitter using a glitter tube. It’s perfect for evening parties and weddings.

Glittery Mehendi DesignSource: http://styloplanet.com/glittery-mehendi-design

7. The Floral Pattern:

To display yourself more traditional and eye catching,try this floral mehndi design in traditional theme with some contemporary ideas.

The Floral PatternSource: http://www.thebridalbox.com/the-floral-pattern

8. Pakistani Mehndi Designs:

In Pakistan, mehndi is considered as a symbol of occasions and celebrations. There Moroccan and Arabic mehndi designs are used.

Pakistani Mehndi DesignsSource: http://pakistaniladies.com/pakistani-mehndi-designs

9. The Elephant Passion:

Elephant Pattern also make for great mehndi designs. They have a delicate flowing structure that is perfect for creating beautiful art on the bride’s hands and legs.

The Elephant PassionSource: http://mehndiyoyo.com/the-elephant-passion

10. The Bangle Pattern:

The Bangle design mehndi is very simple and classic at the same time. This design are done with floral pattern. In this pattern the floral design is starts from the tip of your palm and ends till the elbow.

The Bangle PatternSource: http://www.fashionlady.in/the-bangle-pattern

11. Bridal Kashmiri Design:

Kashmiri mehndi designs are reminiscent of the beauty and tranquility of the state that has been considered as heaven on earth. The designs imbibe the serenity and pristine culture of Kashmir and our extremely exquisite to look at.

Bridal Kashmiri DesignSource: http://www.thebridalbox.com/bridal-kashmiri-design

12. Foot Accessory Design:

Foot Accessory mehndi will surely steal your heart. Bride’s  legs are looking so pretty with accessory patterns of mehndi.

Foot Accessory DesignSource: http://www.thebridalbox.com/foot-accessory-design

13. Radha krishna Mehndi Design:

Radha krishna mehndi design is predominantly different from the other mehndi designs. These type of patterns are extremely intricate and elaborate. It covers the whole hand and as you can see it has multiple images of Radha and Krishna depicting their love.

Radha Krishna Mehndi DesignSource: http://www.thebridalbox.com/radha-krishna-mehndi-design

14. Elaborate Leg Design:

Elaborate Leg mehndi Design is also a very beautiful mehndi design with very fine details in the front portion of the feet and the toes. The design is a great combination of modern techniques and traditional patterns.

Elaborate Leg Designsource: http://www.beautyepic.com/elaborate-leg-design

15. The Crafted Cuff:

The Crafted Cuff pattern is a modern look with a focus on the wrist, rather than the palm. The main focus of this pattern is the intricate and thick cuff over the wrists.

The Crafted CuffSource: http://save-image.com/the-crafted-cuff

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